Library of Congress Primary Source Sets

We’ve discovered a wonderful new webpage that can inform you of the U.S. Government’s national history.  Please check it out and enjoy this amazing website.  It’s sure to get you excited and interested in history!  Either copy & paste the link below, or click on the link on the left-hand side of your screen.

For example, a piece that you can find from this site is George Washington’s draft of the Constitution, with his own handwriting. You can print many other things and examine a photograph of the nations history, in your own hands.

Image 233 of 1117, Constitution, Printed, with Marginal Notes by Geor

First Ever Ox Ridge Maker Faire!

Ox Ridge School enjoyed their hugely successful first ever Maker Faire!  It was a fun blending of play, imagination, creativity and making! The students made instruments, Makey Makey, and programmable robots.  They created and used electromagnets, pipe cleaner objects, paper structures and paper airplanes. They made movies, controlled the Sphero over a course and created a magical time machine! It was an exciting week and fun was had by all!!!


Lightbox Electronic Books

We have some new exciting books in the library.  They are called Lightbox Books and they come with electronic access to many wonderful features related to the book.  They have such things as embedded videos, Google Maps, and many related activities and materials.  If you have a physical Lightbox book in your hand, then you can simply click on the Lightbox Books link on the left under Key Resources and enter the code on page 2 of the book.  You will then be prompted to enter a random word from a specific page in the book and then you’ll be ready to explore.  If you don’t have a physical book in your hand, you can still access the electronic book at school or at home by following these simple directions:

– open Destiny (on the left under Key Resources)

– select Ox Ridge Elementary School

– type “lightbox” and press Enter

– click on the Open button next to any title that shows the Lightbox symbol, which is a white diamond outlined in blue

– type in the Username: oxridge and Password: library

– check the box next to Stay logged in

– click Log In

– Click OK at the Open New Window prompt

– click Open Lightbox and HAVE FUN exploring this book and all of its related videos and resources!!